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David Sancious, Tony Levin , Jerry Marotta, John Robinson, Nile Rodgers, Carl Adami, Harvey Jones, Chris Lane, Arno Lucas, Jim Weider, Larry Hoppen, Elaine Caswell, Debbie Lan, Don Harris, Bill Harris, John Fumasoli, Bob Lienbach, John Hall, Andrew Essex


Year: 1993
Geronimo (Polystar)
Produced by Robbie Dupree
Associate Producers:
Tom Mark & Harvey Jones

01 | Walking On Water
02 | Goodbye To L.A.
03 | Money
04 | Return To Her
05 | Learn To Cry
06 | If We Try Again
07 | Walls Come Down
08 | Right Direction
09 | Evil Eye

Walking on Water is now available for downloading from iTunes
This album was reissued by BMG/Miramar Serial No.:9363 23034 4, and BEVERLY RECORDS released it in Germany in 1990 (BMG ARIS No.871 003 Int'l No.BEV 003)
Those albums are no longer available.