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Bill Elliot, Brian Ray, Dennis Herring,
Rick Chudacoff, Peter Bunetta,
David Woodford, Gary Brandt,
Kal David, Jerry Peterson,
David Anderson, Bill LaBounty, Arno Lucas, Joe Lala, Joe Turano, Leslie Smith, Mathew Weiner, Michael Boddicker, Lee Thornburg, Darrel Leonard, Bill Armstrong, George McWhirter

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Year: 1981
Produced by
Rick Chudacoff & Peter Bunetta

01 | Street Corner Heroes
02 | Desperation
03 | Brooklyn Girls
04 | All Night Long
05 | Free Fallin'
06 | I'll Be The Fool Again
07 | Are You Ready For Love?
08 | Saturday Night
09 | Missin' You
10 | The Long Goodbye

"Brooklyn Girls" can be found on the soundtrack of the hit movie Donnie Brasco.