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Bill Elliot, Robert Palmer, Brian Ray,
Dennis Herring, Bob Bordy, Rick Chudacoff, Peter Bunetta, David Woodford, Kal David, Jerry Peterson, Bill LaBounty, Arno Lucas, Joe Turano, Leslie Smith, Mathew Weiner, Michael Boddicker, Alan Estes, Miguel Rivera

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Year: 1980
Produced by
Rick Chudacoff & Peter Bunetta

01 | Steal Away
02 | I'm No Stranger
03 | Thin Line
04 | It's A Feeling
05 | Hot Rod Hearts
06 | Nobody Else
07 | We Both Tried
08 | Love Is A Mystery
09 | Lonely Runner

The original 1980 recording has never been released on CD in the USA.
A Japanese import is available whenever it is in stock, but the cost is prohibitive.
Therefore, to satisfy many requests, we are making the CDR of this title available.