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Jeff Pevar, Robbie Dupree: Acoustic Guitars
Christopher Cross: Electric Guitar & Solo
Thad DeBrock: Ambient Guitar
Tony Levin: Bass
Doug Yowell: Drums

Produced by Robbie Dupree & Julie Last
for Cherry 6 Productions
Engineered & mixed by Julie Last
at Coldbrook Studio
Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow
Artwork by Asterisk Design

Available for digital download only
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Release date: September 2014
Virtual Label

"In God's Country"



More about In God's Country

In God’s Country features outstanding performances by Christopher Cross, Jeff Pevar, Tony Levin, Doug Yowell and Thad DeBrock. The song is rich in atmosphere as it paints a cinematic picture of changing times with powerful images, both lyrically and musically.